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At the fourth round of the national young rider selection in Bad Salzdetfuth, the KTM youngsters once again showed convincing performances.

The three KTM youngsters Timo Brandl, Simon Potstada and Paulina Weigelt had to travel a long way to Bad Salzdetfurth for the national youngster trials. Paulina travelled directly from her holiday in Sardinia, but Timo and Simon also had to travel a long way from Bavaria to Lower Saxony.

Paulina coped excellently with the demanding course. Even the hot temperatures caused her no problems – after a week in Sardinia. The KTM rider got away well at the start and extended her lead lap by lap. Happy and satisfied, she crossed the finish line as the winner.

Timo also had a lot of fun at the beginning on the challenging track. He did very well in the first lap, but in the second lap the heat suddenly caused him problems and the pressure on the pedal decreased. So he had to let the leaders go. In the final sprint, Timo mustered all his strength and made it to fifth place in the U17 race. He was satisfied with the result, but not with his feeling.

Simon was also in the same race. Just like Paulina and Timo, Simon also found out during the first inspection of the course with stone fields, jumps and long descents that he would like it very much. However, just like Timo, the heat on the day of the competition made it very difficult for him. On top of that, he had a slight cold. Already in the first lap, Simon had problems and did not put enough pressure on the pedal to overtake his competitors. While he kept losing time uphill, the KTM rider kept making up time on the downhills. To make matters worse, he also suffered from back pain. In the end, Simon finished in seventh place, which he was not satisfied with.

In contrast to his three team colleagues, Nico Wollenberg did not take part in the national youth selection this time. Instead, he went to the German Track Championships in the individual disciplines. Nico was severely affected by a cold, but was unable to perform to his full potential. Now healthy, he hopes to be in a better state of fitness for the Bavarian Road Championships in Sonthofen on Saturday.

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