Bulb Bottle 660ml

8,90  inkl. MwSt.

  • Handy drinking bottle for cycling
  • 660 ml volume
  • Unplasticised
  • Made in Switzerland
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Custom design upon request (contact us!)
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Raw materials: Bottle: B1 polyethylene (PE), cap: polypropylene (PP) The matching documents and certificates can be requested separately. All used raw materials were registered according to the REACH requirements. Print colours: The print colours are eco-friendly and free of heavy metals. The colours are constitutionally free of toxic elements and solvents. The raw materials used conform to the European Standard EN 71 of December 1994 (Safety of toys), Part 3 (Migration of certain elements). Food safety: The plastics used are unplasticised, free from BPA and furthermore food compliant. Migration tests are regularly performed by certified laboratories. The global migration is performed according to the standards 85/572/EWG. It complies the following guidelines: EN 1186 Materials and Articles in Contact with Foodstuffs, July 2002 – German Commodity Ordinance of 23.11.2005 as of 01.04.2013 – Decree (EG) No. 10 / 2011 and amendments. The equivalent certificates can be requested separately.

Leakproofness: The leakproofness is restricted to the short application of light pressure when upside down and to short periods of lying (up to 10 minutes) as it may occur when the bottles fall over. When stored in lying position for over 10 minutes, smaller amounts of fluid may spill. Dishwasherproofness: The bottles and more notable the silk screen printed colours are dishwasher-safe in common dishwashers used with common dishwashing detergents. We cannot guarantee this when washed in industrial dish washers as known from gastronomy. Bottles printed with digital prints should only be washed by hand. The persistence of the motive cannot be guaranteed when washed in a dishwasher. Custom design: All of our products can also be ordered in custom designs. Contact us!

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