Logo printed in 50x20mm or 40x30mm

Our masks not only provide protection in polluted work areas in the health and care sector. They are also used as personal protective equipment by companies in a wide range of industries. The FFP2 masks (Filtering Face Pieces) provide protection against particulate pollutants such as aerosol, dust and smoke. In Europe, these masks are standardized to EN 149:2001+A1:2009 to ensure protective properties for the wearer.

Efficient four-layer filtration achieves a filtering efficiency of more than 95%. An optimal fit, skin-friendly materials and a nose clip ensure a high level of wearing comfort. This guarantees that the mask fits properly in accordance with the regulations.

The quality has been tested by BSI and CE certified according to the standard EN149:2001+A1:2009 and EU Regulation 2016/425 .


  • Self & third party protection for respiratory transmitted infections.
  • Holds in place with soft rubber straps
  • Nose clip provides additional hold
  • One size fits almost all face types
  • Easy breathing, despite high filter performance
  • Single or multi-color logo imprint

  • From 100 pcs – price on request
  • Delivery time on request
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Effectively Printed With Your Logo

Not all printing is the same

We print in a special process in our factory in Germany. The inks here meet the high EN71 standard – applied for the toy sector. This means maximum safety and consistently high print quality.

Hygiene & product safety is ensured during the complete printing process all the way up to packaging by UV light treatment of each mask.

UV-C light is an effective process for eliminating viruses, bacteria, germs and other microorganisms from surfaces. We rely on this modern technology for disinfection in the production process.

Let there be colour!


Certified FFP2 protective masks without logo

  • enclosing form
  • without valve
  • rubber ear loop
  • adjustable metal hoop
  • universal size
  • disposable mask (not washable)
  • CE 2163 certified
  • quantity from 50 pieces
  • super-quickly available

Tight fitting FFP masks reliably protect the wearer from viruses. These respirators filter even the smallest particles and aerosols from the air. Respirators without exhalation valves prevent the mask wearer from contaminating his environment with exhaled droplets.

Bulk quantities on request at info@dowe.de.

Can FFP2 masks be used more than once?

In general, FFP2 masks are single-use products and should not be reused according to the recommendation of the RKI. But the masks are relatively expensive and in terms of quality & workmanship significantly better than disposable masks. That is why many people wear them more than once in the private sector. For many, the question arises as to whether the masks can be hygienically reprocessed.

Treatment with disinfectant or heating in the oven/microwave to kill viruses is not recommended. FFP2 masks are also not suitable for washing machines.

To extend the wear time of FFP2 masks for individuals, here are some tips. Always clean & disinfect hands thoroughly before putting on & taking off the mask. Handle the mask by the ear loops only. Most importantly, allow the mask to dry thoroughly after use. Store the mask exclusively in a hygienic place. It is also beneficial to hang the mask in the sun and air it out well, because UV rays have a positive influence. Thus, any virus on the surface can not survive for long and the dry FFP2 mask continues to provide a protective function.

How long can I wear the masks at a stretch?

The BGW’s recommendation on the maximum wearing times, the recovery period and the necessary breaks when using FFP2/FFP3 masks is based on DGUV regulation 112-190 “Use of respiratory protective devices”. According to this regulation, the maximum wearing time is two hours with a subsequent minimum recovery time of 30 minutes. In the case of an FFP mask without an exhalation valve, the maximum wearing time is 75 minutes with a subsequent minimum recovery period of 30 minutes.

Source (web link, in German)

Many FFP2 respirators and mouth-nose masks do not comply with the requirements of the EU regulation.
Here protection is only illusory. On request, we will enclose a certificate with your mask.