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Which products do you offer for individual printing?

Our entire range, from normal cycling jerseys, freeride shirts, triathlon one- and two-piece jerseys to jackets, vests and trousers – everything can be printed individually. Of course you can also order arm warmers, leg warmers, cycling socks and water bottles in the design of your team, club or company.

To what extent can the garments be printed?

Almost all of our products can be printed entirely and in all colours. Cycling shorts, cycling socks, cycling bodies, triathlon bodies and triathlon sets can only be printed partially.

Which printing technology do you use?

To achieve a maximum of functionality in our textiles we use a special print process. It has been balanced to bring the colour to the fibre as gently as possible. We have to possibility to print over 1000 colours allowing brilliant and exact depictions.

Are there extra charges for the individual printing?

The costs for the complete printing are included in the price. There are no extra charges.

What file format does the design template / logo have be in?

Please send us your files as vector graphics (eps/ai/pdf files). In the case of insufficient data quality we request your approval and then add the costs of the digitisation to your bill.

Do you send out samples for the comparison of different models and their quality?

We are happy to send you original samples of our products after a short agreement about your requirements

Do you send out sizing samples when the model has been chosen?

To determine the exact sizes you need we naturally send you a sizing set with the required sizes.

Are there any further options for individualisation?

As a matter of principle, almost all of our products can be individualised, according to your imaginations.

  • Type of pad
    Our cycling shorts / cycling bodies let you choose between the Coolmax Bi-Elastic Pad and the Outlast® Pad. There is an optional Outlast® Triathlon Pad for our triathlon products
  • Back pockets
    Depending on the type of product you can order our back pockets in different versions. (E.g. with or without zipper)
  • Zipper lengths on our cycling jerseys
    We offer the zipper in three different lengths. The complete zipper is always hidden.

What are your minimum order quantities?

We start producing from 10 pieces on at an extra fee of 15%. From 25 products onward, our regular prices apply. As you order 25 jerseys you may well complement them with 5 wind vests. For individual requests or problems, please contact us.

How long is your delivery time?

We deliver your products in 4-8 weeks on from approval of the design.

How does the payment process work?

50% partial payment at the time of the order placement, 50% before delivery. The teamwear prices do not include taxes, packaging and shipping. Products from our web shop include taxes but do not include shipping costs.

How is does the jersey get designed?

There are different methods: You can send us a design, you can draw us a sketch or describe your wish, you can use our design templates or let our design team create a complete draft for you. (We charge 82€/h.)

Where are the garments being produced?

Our products are entirely fabricated within the European Union. This includes the fabrics, prints and the stitching.

How to Find the Correct Size – Our Sizing Charts:

Größentabelle Schaubild - Ein Mann mit Körperregionen und zugeordneten Zahlen (1-6)
SuperForm Jersey1. Bust2. Waist3. Hip4. Torso Length
 XS80 – 87 cm69 -74 cm80 – 84 cm43 – 48 cm
S88 – 94 cm75 – 81 cm85 – 92 cm49 – 53 cm
M95 – 102 cm82 – 89 cm93 – 99 cm54 – 56 cm
L103 -111 cm90 – 98 cm100 – 109 cm57 – 59 cm
XL112 – 121 cm99 – 108 cm110 – 118 cm60 – 65 cm
XXL122 – 132 cm109 – 120 cm119 – 127 cm66 – 72 cm
ProSeries Jersey1. Bust2. Waist3. Hip4. Torso Length
S80 – 87 cm69 -74 cm80 – 84 cm43 – 48 cm
M88 – 94 cm75 – 81 cm85 – 92 cm49 – 53 cm
L95 – 102 cm82 – 89 cm93 – 99 cm54 – 56 cm
XL103 -111 cm90 – 98 cm100 – 109 cm57 – 59 cm
XXL112 – 121 cm99 – 108 cm110 – 118 cm60 – 65 cm
XXXL122 – 132 cm109 – 120 cm119 – 127 cm66 – 72 cm
Freeride/Enduro Jersey1. Bust2. Waist3. Hip4. Torso Length
S< 94 cm< 81 cm< 89 cm< 53 cm
M95 – 104 cm82 – 92 cm90 – 95 cm54 – 58 cm
L105 – 113 cm93 – 100 cm96 – 101 cm59 – 64 cm
XL> 114 cm > 101 cm> 102 cm> 65 cm
Underwear1. Bust2. Waist3. Hip4. Torso Length
XS /S80 – 95cm70 – 80cm75 – 86cm< 53cm
M / L95 – 112 cm80 – 90cm87 – 96cm54 – 59cm
XL / XXL112 – 132cm91 – 104cm97 – 105cm> 60 cm
Bib Short
3. Hip6. Body Size
XS< 74 cm< 169 cm
S75 – 80 cm170 – 174 cm
M81 – 88 cm175 – 179 cm
L89 – 95 cm180 – 184 cm
XL96 – 101 cm185 -189 cm
XXL > 102 cm> 190 cm
Enduro Short3. Hip5. Thigh girth
S< 85cm60 cm
M86 – 94 cm61 cm
L95 – 101 cm62 cm
XL> 102 cm63 cm
CC/Marathon Race Short3. Hip5. Thigh Length
S< 82cm49 cm
M83 – 91 cm51 cm
L92 – 99 cm53 cm
XL> 100 cm55 cm
Arm/Leg Warmers
7. Arm Length8. Arm Girth9. Leg Length10. Thigh Girth
XS/S– 42 cm– 24 cm– 56 cm– 36 cm
Recommendation: Men with body size < 1,75 m; women
M/L– 43 cm– 26 cm– 58 cm– 38 cm
Recommendation: Men with body size > 1,75 m
XL/XXL– 44 cm– 28 cm– 60 cm– 40 cm
Recommendation: Men with body size > 1,85 m
  1. Bust: Measure of the widest path around your chest. Hold measuring tape underneath your armpits.
  2. Waist: Measure the thinnest area of your waist and keep the measuring tape parallel to the floor
  3. Hip: Place feet next to each other and measure the widest area of your hip.
  4. Torso length: Distance between collarbone and pelvic bone. Measure at right angle to the floor
  5. Thigh length: Distance between pelvic bone and knee. Measure at right angle to the floor.
  6. Body size: Distance between the soles of your feet and the end of your head (without shoes)
  7. Arm length: Distance between shoulder joint and wrist.
  8. Arm girth: Circumference of your biceps
  9. Leg length: Distance between the middle of your thigh and your ankle joint
  10. Thigh girth: Circumference of your thigh

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