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Since 2004 DOWE Sportswear has been a benchmark of top quality MADE IN EU and sustainable production.


The Vision

It all started in 2004 with the idea to tailor highest functionality for extremely long distance tours on the bicycle. To deliver more functionality, a better fit, higher wearing comfort and little salt precipitation – simply better functional clothing for long distance cycling. Something to wear and yet not feel. This was the basic idea that persists until today. Martin Vetter, the founder of DOWE, has been riding his racing bike, MTB or just for fun in the great outdoors since early on. This meant a lot of testing and trial and error. Due to the dissatisfaction and the many trials, it became more and more clear — there is a gap. That this could be put into practice was not yet visible at that time.


Learning from the exigencies (CSV Tri-Team)

Ideal wearing comfort of our cycling jerseys and shorts

High Wearing Comfort

Ever since it has been out of question that clothing for long distance use has to be functional and durable. But how could we get there? The path there was not easy but it also felt set for us. In the first couple of years, many people played a part in our journey: fabric manufacturers, pattern tailors, sports pros and of course, the DOWE Sportswear in-house team. All of this has led to much knowledge being aggregated in a short period of time. Today, this knowledge is deep-seated in our clothing. Whether for leisure on the week-ends, for evening tours or for 100-km rides over the Alpes – One needs functional clothing on long tours as well as on short rides. These garments were meant to be improved steadily as time goes by. This is at the bottom of DOWE.      


Ideas such as a clever set-up of layers, “less is more”, or using supreme materials – These are the basics that DOWE is pursuing. You do not want to carry around too much and too much often does not function ideally. All things that come together at DOWE follow the same principles. Professional and recreational athletes come to us, give us input that we then use for a sort of evolution. These first-hand experiences, team experiences and innovations from our production were combined with the many experiences from sports teams and clubs that we supply. Quickly they led to DOWE Sportswear standing out from other producers in the fields of teamwear, club clothing and company clothing. Today, many national division clubs in triathlon as well as sports clubs with multiple departments order from us and signal high satisfaction.

Material test by Stefan Schlegel, even under extreme heat

All over Europe clubs and companies trust in our products

High customer’s content

What leads to this satisfaction? Technological advantage in the fields of print and textile usage, fabrics and tests we apply to every model. Nano printing technologies, gentle printing processes, the latest fabrics containing carbon, sustainability, production within the European Union, Employees paid socially acceptable and the customer’s awareness that not all products you can order are the same.

Opinions that Martin Vetter, the founder of DOWE has formed over the years: “Experiencing premium quality – to us still means testing – testing – testing. As soon as something has proven valuable it is incorporated into the next generation. For us it is an easy task to first test each new product. Given the large number of testers it may easily take 250- 250.000 km of testing (or its equal of metres in altitude) for a product to be released. Premium brand is more than just a slogan to us.”


Tracable craftmanship in every detail


We rely on production in the EU so that we can closely monitor every step – from thread to cut to fabric. Far away from cheap and mass production, well-trained and motivated employees perform perfect manual work. With state-of-the-art technology, you can rely on TOP quality in our products. We manufacture in reliable tailor-made work & according to strict guidelines.


Team Bikepark


Our teamwear is repeatedly subjected to absolute endurance tests, z. e.g. by professionals of the ROSE Ultrasports team under world cup conditions. Team DOWE Sportswear also tests the material on marathon courses, like at the BIKE Transalp – one of the hardest MTB races. In close cooperation with experienced professional and extreme athletes, our products are constantly tested and further developed.

Perfectly equipped for every challenge

We have the highest demands on material and processing


Our products offer perfect function and comfort in any weather and in all situations – everything is perfectly coordinated. We have designed our three levels of functionality in such a way that the functions are retained even when wearing several layers. Take the opportunity to test our products before ordering, because function can only be experienced!

Our Extreme Athletes


Stefan Schlegel
Ultra Cyclist

3x Race Across America


Franz Preihs
Ultra Cyclist

4x Race Across America


Andreas Wolpert Triathlete Norseman Xtreme Triathlon Swissman Xtreme Triathlon  

Johannes Weixelbraun Ultra Cyclist Glocknerman Ultra Radmarathon Race Across Austria and many more