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The Technology

Outlast® technology uses phase-change materials (PCM) that can absorb, store and release heat for optimal moisture and temperature management. When the skin overheats, the heat is absorbed, the skin cools down and the stored heat is returned.

Outlast Material

One can easily compare the Outlast® technology with an ice cube inside a glass of water. When the ice cube melts (meaning it changes its phase from solid to fluid) it absorbs warmth and thereby cools down the water. Thus, the beverage stays cool for longer. Outlast® phase change materials work in the same way yet they are mostly encapsulated to be permanently locked inside a polymer envelope and therefore protected. We call these encapsulated phase change materials Thermocules™.

The process of encapsulation makes the Thermocules™ extraordinarily durable for different applications. The micro-capsules are either attached as equipment (on fabrics and complete textiles) or directly inserted (in fibres). The capacity to absorb, store and return warmth allows every product containing the Outlast® technology to continuously regulate the skin temperature. When the skin gets too hot, the heat is absorbed and only returned when the skin cools down again.

Though, the Outlast® technology does not rely on a wicking function that merely balances the moisture by extracting the sweat. The Outlast® technology proactively intervenes much earlier and stops the body from producing sweat in the first place. This is the product’s secret and poses a fundamental difference.

On the official Outlast® web site you can learn more about the secret technology in our skin-friendly pads. [Source]