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Functional Sportswear for Cycling, Triathlon & Running.

The Highlights of the Season

These products are especially popular during this season:

100% water proof! The new Rain Jacket by DOWE has been released.

The waterproof and breathable rain jacket defies all odds! With the patented Direct Venting technology, it revolutionises jackets in the outdoor sector so that rain can’t penetrate, but sweat can immediately escape to the outside! The jacket is perfect for staying dry and comfortable on the bike or during other outdoor activities.

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Multifunctional Underwear

The DOWE Ultra Series Underwear is the all-season vest for cycling, alpine sports and fitness.
The vest has proven valuable, especially during intensive activities, as it quickly wicks moisture away from the body, dries again quickly and thus keeps the body climate in balance. The high-tech material has an antibacterial effect so that odours don’t stand a chance from the start.

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SuperForm Wind Jacket ProSeries “Black Camo”

The lightweight, functional wind jacket protects you from cold wind and is an ideal complement to our short and long sleeve jersey. Combined with our other products, the jacket forms a functional unit and ensures optimal moisture transport.

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To meet our demand for first-class quality and high functionality, we develop our high-quality products exclusively in Germany.

Through our sustainable production in Europe, we guarantee a high quality standard. Fair working conditions, modern machines and a good level of training for our employees are the advantages that set us apart from cheap and mass production.


Our oceans are overflowing with plastic waste. This cannot be allowed to continue! We at DOWE also want to do our part to solve the problem. That is why we manufacture several sportswear products from 100% recycled PET. It is DOWE’s goal to gradually produce all products in a more sustainable and resource-saving way.

Thanks to our production in Europe, short transport routes and durable products also ensure an economic footprint.


To ensure that our sportswear is functional and also looks good, we use the latest nano technology for a brilliant print result.

Nano printing allows the ink to penetrate the fibres gently and particularly deeply. The function of our high-quality materials is thus preserved.

Perfectly coordinated, high-quality and performance-preserving materials make all the difference!


All products are put through their paces by our team, as well as clubs and companies across Europe, before we make them available to our customers.

In ultra long-distance races like the Race Across America or Race Around Austria, our materials, cuts, pads and seams have to withstand all adversities and weather conditions for up to 7 days and still guarantee the athlete maximum comfort.

3-layer system

All our materials are subject to precise selection criteria with regard to breathability, windproofness & thermal comfort and are precisely matched to each other. This ensures the best possible wearing comfort and perfect function in any weather.

From short-sleeved jerseys to wind waistcoats and jackets – the functionality of the products interlocks perfectly and is thus guaranteed in every layer.


Facts like the construction of layers, less is more, or using better materials. These are principles that DOWE Sportswear follows.

All things that come together with us always follow the same principles. Athletes and recreational athletes come to us, give us input which we then incorporate in a kind of evolution. This personal experience, team experience, innovations from the production, coupled with the many experiences of the teams and clubs that we serve, have very quickly led to DOWE Sportswear establishing itself as a brand.


Team DOWE SIMPLON is made up of the performance-oriented junior and elite cross-country athletes of RSG Zollern-Alb Albstadt.


The Leeze Team is a sports team based in Münsterland. The team’s focus is on the German Cycling Cup. In addition, numerous other cycling events are attended. DOWE Sportswear has been outfitting the Leeze Everyman Team since 2019.


DOWE Sportswear supports the juniors of the Bundesliga team from Bavaria with highly functional teamwear.

All materials & cuts come from our customwear & have been tested thoroughly by numerous teams and clubs!

Here you can find our Teamwear