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Every cut, every detail, from development, conception, design, quality control to the finished end product is overseen and monitored by Dowe’s design and production team. Our highly skilled and motivated staff pride themselves on combining excellent craftsmanship with state-of-the-art technology. As a company, we’re constantly testing and iterating our design and production processes to ensure we can continue to guarantee consistently high quality products.



German Engineering

All our products are inspired by our passion for sport and our belief in first-class quality and functionality mean we develop our club wear exclusively in Germany.

The DOWE Sportswear development team are constantly striving to exceed the high expectations of our clients.

We ensure we do so by focusing on quality control and using the most advanced technology at our disposal.


Made in Europe

Our sustainable production in Europe guarantees a high quality standard and fast delivery times.

Fair working conditions, modern machines and a high level of training of our employees are just some of the reasons our clients choose our boutique and bespoke service.

In addition, our proximity to our production facilities allows us to be on site quickly to avoid any potential bottlenecks and ensure we hit our delivery deadlines.



We are constantly developing our products and are always on the lookout for innovations that can improve the experience of our customers.

We gladly take any constructive feedback on board and are always happy to hear suggestions for improving and developing our products and processes further.

Quality assurance is incredibly important to us. Before, during and after production and through the precise final inspection of all our products, we ensure that errors are minimized.


DOWE Produktion

Step 1: A specialist design team develops the garments.

Maschine bei DOWE - Produktion

Step 2: Particularly material-friendly printing process thanks to state-of-the-art nano inks.

DOWE Produktion

Step 3: Cutting

DOWE Schnittmuster - Trikots

Step 4: Sublimation


Näherin mit Trikot von DOWE Sportswear - Produktion

Step 5: The individual parts are sewn together.

DOWE Trikot Individualisiert

Step 6: Quality control