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Cleverly combine our sportswear:

The 3-layers System

All of our materials undergo strict quality controls regarding breathability, wind resistance and temperature comfort. This leads to the best possible wearing comfort and perfect functionality in every weather. Whether short sleeve jersey, wind vest or jacket – the functionality of the products perfectly works together throughout several layers of clothing. We have tuned our garments to work together when combined.

Functional Layer I

Layer I

The functional layer I is directly worn on your skin and actively regulates the extraction of moisture.

No unpleasant film of sweat develops meaning that the jersey does not get sticky.

Functional Layer II

Layer II

The functional layer II efficiently regulates the warmth balance. It saves the body from cooling down and transmits moisture.

Ideally in colder days as a warming layer. (Is worn on top of layer I)

Functional Layer III

Layer III

The functional layer III is wind- and water repellent. On top, air circulation and breathability are very efficient.

The membrane system consisting of layer I, II and III withstands the most adverse weather conditions. Ideal for wet, cold and windy days.

Functional Materials

Several functional materials are applied in our production. Some of them allow a better harmony between skin, clothing and sweat, while others are especially potent against wind and weather. Here is a listing of our most notable functional materials and of the products they can be found it:

Hydro High Fit Green

100% recycled polyester = made from PET bottles

Our popular HYDRO HIGH FIT functional material keeps your body pleasantly dry.

  • No unpleasant stickiness of the fabric
  • Quickly transmits the moisture away from your body
  • Breathable
  • Soft and pleasant to wear
  • Antibacterial for long-lasting freshness
Carbon High Performance

The high-tech material containing carbon fibres delivers great wearing comfort!

  • High-tech microfiber with a minimum of 10% carbon
  • UV protection (without additional coating)
  • Antistatic, antibacterial, and breathable due to its carbon material
  • Quick sweat extraction
  • Provides temperature control
ND Performance Green

100% recycled polyester = made from PET bottles

Pleasant, lightweight and robust functional material for top wearing comfort

  • Quickly transmits the moisture away from your body
  • Very high breathability
  • No disrupting rubbing
  • Long-lived, robust functional ware
  • Antibacterial for long-lasting freshness
Carbon Pro Performance

Base material: highly functional mix of materials rich in carbon.

Extra light and highly functional.

  • Quickly transmits the moisture away from your body
  • Ultra-light fabric – ideal for the summertime
  • Super-elastic and flexible
  • Very high breathability

100% recycled polyester = made from PET bottles

Super-comfortable & light functional material

  • Dries quickly
  • Breathable
  • Long-lived functionality
  • Antibacterial for long-lasting freshness
  • Pleasant wearing comfort
Lycra Power Upf 50+ Sunprotection

Elastic material with a great feel evoked by active temperature control

  • Adaptive, highly flexible, for an ideal fit
  • Comfort delivered by a crease-free fit and lasting quality
  • Wash-and-wear, quickly drying, light resistant, breathable, ideal moisture transmission



Tri-Ultra Performance

(80% micro-polyester / 20% lycra)

Ultra-flat, bi-elastic material – developed especially for triathlon

  • Ideal adaptability
  • Material optimally supports muscles
  • Excellent moisture transmission
  • Drying super-quickly
  • Very scrub-resistant, abrasion-resistant, opaque and robust
  • UPF 50+ SUN PROTECTION / light protection




Exitex Warm & Dry

100% polyester

Soft, functional thermal material for super-dry and pleasantly warm feel

  • Soft, pleasant functional material
  • Roughened inside for ideal heat management
  • Keeps you warm and drains moisture
  • Ideal thermal layer
FlexThermal Pro DWR

100% polyester

4-way stretch and high-tech equipment for good and bad weather

  • Multi-stretch – super flexible
  • DWR Technology = impregnated, waterproof surface
  • Keeps you warm and drains moisture
  • Wind-repellent functionality
Windtex Light DWR

100% polyester

Ideal protection from wind and weather – made from hard-wearing Windtex membrane.

  • New, bi-elastic Windtex material for perfect freedom of movement and top wearing comfort
  • Hydrostatic head min. 8.000 mm
  • Wind-repellent, breathable membrane system
  • Transmits the moisture away from your body
  • DWR Technology = impregnated, waterproof surface
Windtex Strong DWR

100% polyester

Defies toughest conditions and offers a top wearing comfort down to approx. 0°C

  • Roughened inside provides a pleasantly dry and warm feel, bi-elastic
  • Hydrostatic head min. 10.000 mm
  • Wind-repellent & breathable membrane system
  • Denser fabric maintains body heat in the cold seasons
  • DWR Technology = impregnated, waterproof surface
Performance Pro Shell

91% polyester / 9% polyuretan

The ideal material for winter and fall – Keeps comfortably warm

  • Water- and wind-repellent – pleasantly warms
  • Hydrostatic head min.10.000 mm
  • Breathable membrane
  • Wash-and-wear, quickly drying, top moisture transport


ND Performance

Pleasantly lightweight and robust functional material for top wearing comfort

  • Quickly transports moisture away from your body
  • UV protection (without additional coating)
  • Antistatic and antibacterial
  • Every high breathability
  • Temperature regulating


100% polyester
Extremely breathable, completely water-proof, 100% premium quality

  • 20 m hydrostatic head
  • 20.000 g/m² breathability
  • 0.1 cfm air permeability
Windtex Light

100% polyester
Ideal protection against wind and weather made of durable Windtex membrane.

  • Latest, bi-elastic Windtex material for optimum freedom of movement
  • Breathable membrane – windproof
  • Easy-care and quick-drying

Carbon High Performance Green

The high-tech material with integrated carbon fibres consists of 90% recycled polyester!

  • High-tech microfibre with at least 10% carbon
  • UV-protection (without additional coating)
  • Antistatic, antibacterial and breathable thanks to carbon
  • Quick sweat removal
  • Temperature regulating
  • 0.1 cfm air permeability