In order to enjoy our products for a maximum of time, please note the following safety instructions:

  • Soiled clothing should be soaked or washed directly after its use.
  • Avoid rubbing on hook-and-loop fastening or unpadded backpack straps
  • As a result of contact with branches or sharp objects during rides through rough terrain, the material may thread.
  • Pilling (the formation of small knots) is not a production failure nor will it be accepted as a reason for refunds.
  • Do not use fabric softener under any circumstances
  • To clean, please use HeySport detergent or special cleaning agent for sportswear
  • DOWE recommends only HeySport. The products have delivered top results in long-term testing
  • Self-inflicted damage or natural wear and tear are not grounds for a refund. However should you encounter any open stitching, please – contact us!
  • In the event of a potential refund, please watch any clothing before returning it. We do not accept unwashed clothing under any circumstances.

User Documentation (Pad)

Einfahren Symbol

The Outlast® Pad needs to get entrenched in 3-8 short rides (~ 20km).

Aktiv-Pad Symbol

The pad is activated and can now be used on longer tours.


Carefully read and follow DOWE washing guide.


In case you face any problems, do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help.

30 Wäsche Symbol

Gently wash at 30°C in the washing machine – Don‘t spin!

Hey Sport Symbol

DOWE only recommends HEY-Sport products for the washing and treatment of our garments

Keine Unterwäsche

Do not wear underwear – the pad is worn directly on the skin!

Keine Sitzchreme Symbol

Don’t use chamois cream! Thus the functionality gets lost.