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Coolmax Bi-Elastic Pad Männer & Frauen

(Standard equipment)


  • High-grade brand quality
  • Newly developed surface by brand manufacturer COOLMAX
  • Moisture management
  • Perfect fit
  • The material provides a cool, dry and pleasant feel
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Ultra I Outlast® Pad Männer & Frauen

(Extra charge)


  • Less overheating
  • Less unwanted cooling down
  • Less sweat production
  • Even heat distribution
  • Active temperatur balancing
  • Less rubbing
  • Top comfort, even on long tours
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3d Forming Pad Black

Pro 3d Pad Männer & Frauen


Your Benefits:

  • Perfect padding
  • Transports moisture away
  • Antibacterial
  • Top road cycling comfort

Ultra II Outlast® Pad Männer & Frauen

(Extra charge)


  • Regulates heat
  • Extracts moisture
  • Reduces rubbing
  • Developed for Ultra Cyclists
Polster Kids DOWE



  • 3 layers of padding
  • Absorbs shocks and vibrations
  • For long distances and off road tracks
  • Ideal for short saddles

User Documentation (Pad)

Run in

The Outlast® Pad needs to get entrenched in 3-8 short rides (~ 20km).

Active Pad

The pad is activated and can now be used on longer tours.

Washing Instructions

Carefully read and follow DOWE washing guide.


In case you face any problems, do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help.

30 Degrees

Gently wash at 30°C in the washing machine – Don‘t spin!

Hey Sport

DOWE only recommends HEY-Sport products for the washing and treatment of our garments

No Underwear

Do not wear underwear – the pad is worn directly on the skin!

No Creme

Don’t use chamois cream! Thus the functionality gets lost.

Tested by our extreme performance athletes and long distance professionals:

Franz Preihs, Ultra Cyclist, USA 4X RAAM
Stefan Schlegel, Ultra Cyclist, USA 3X RAAM
… and many more!